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A system purported to have been developed by California resident Alwyn Cosgrove. This is a different system that combines elements to burn about 20 lbs of fat quickly. The web site contains two diagrams illustrating the difference between Diet Only, Exercise Only, and Diet + Exercise vs. the Warp Speed system. As the diagram shows, the Warp Speed system incorporates "Fat Melting Weight Training," "Body Fat Targeting Cardio," and "Fat Destroying & Muscle Saving Dieting."

The creator touts this as a step-by-step instructional system that describes exactly what to eat and when and what exercises to do and when. The key is to ensure that you never lose any of the fat burning muscle.

Warp Speed Fat Loss

Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0

This system is a little costlier than some of the others in this marketplace, although it is still very affordable. If it burns more than 20 lbs of fat in 28 days as described, it's a steal at the quoted price.

The scientific basis quoted for the success of the system is the "Advanced Manipulation of Human Biochemistry, Physiology to Maximize Fat Mobilization and Oxidation" research done by Mike Roussell, a doctoral candidate in Nutrition at Penn State.

Also cited is a Univ of Connecticut study that concluded that not protecting fat burning muscle can cause you to lose up to 3.2 lbs of muscle. We have independently found research by Jeff Volek and Matthew Sharman at U Conn that relates to this topic.

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