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Strip That Fat is a full weight loss system that includes a detailed book and a personalized diet generator. The Strip That Fat main web page ( also has a useful (and free) Weight Loss Potential Calculator that anyone can use to tell them their ideal weight and how much they can lose with the system.

The STF program has a onetime fee which provides a lifetime membership; thus, users can take sufficient time to complete the program without rushing to avoid another payment. The Strip That Fat Diet Creator allows users to choose the foods they like, plug it into the system and have their meal plan created.

This program is designed to deal with the "endless loop" of yo-yo dieting, characterized by periods of very-low-calorie dieting followed by periods of over-eating.

Strip That Fat offers two levels of membership: Gold level for $47 and Platinum level for $57.

Strip That Fat - Gold

Strip That Fat

Some of the things Strip That Fat shows you are:

 · Why Eating Fat is actually good for you
 · What to Eat and When to Eat for Maximum Weight Loss
 · How You Can Eat More and Lose More
 · How to Trick Your Body Into Being Full
 · The Secrets About Water
 · How to Teach Your Body to Burn More Calories
 · Why You Shouldn’t Eat Salad
 · How to Train Your Mind For Long Term Weight Loss
 · The Evil 10 -- 10 Foods You Need to Dump
 · Why Biggest Losers Lose Massive Amounts of Weight

The Gold Membership Items:

 · Strip That Fat Secret Dieting Guide
 · STF Personalized Diet Generator
 · 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
 · Access to All Gold Package Updates

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