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With the help of MacGourmet Deluxe, it does not matter if you are a pro or just like food and entertaining. All your recipes and everything related to them are there for your immediate use. MacGourmet Deluxe 3.0 allows you to include custom steps for your recipes -- details, images, tags and highlighting. You can even scale menu amounts in line with the size of the particular meal you want to make. Regarding planning loved ones meals or perhaps a special sit-down dinner, use the Mealplan feature to outline as well as organize your diet. Simply move a recipe from your documents to the day you select. Donít concern yourself with writing out a shopping list - a simple click provides you with a printable list of everything you need.

MacGourmet Deluxe Version 3.0 goes above your kitchen essentials. The actual Nutritional Database that is included in MacGourmet Deluxe will keep you informed of the vitamins and minerals and information on all your tested recipes. Quickly and easily build-up your recipe collection. Go to your favorite on the internet recipe web site like,, or perhaps to name a few; MacGourmet Deluxe offers importers that can assist you add recipes coming from many well-liked websites -- without at any time having to type.

BodylasticsExercises for FULL Body workouts!
One of the greatest advantages of training with Bodylastics is that there are over 140 exercises!  NO bulky home gym can offer this! So many exercises in fact that you will NEVER get bored, and with your order you also receive a membership to Strength Band University!

Sport and goal specific Training
Bodylastics exercises used in the right combination can help you reach your goals - FAST!. Our online learning center contains easy to follow, preset programs for sports, appearance and lifestyle. Bodylastics is here to help and support you and we stand behind our product 100%


Bodylastics Exercises For Women
Bodylastics is a great workout for women since it can really target specific muscles groups.  You will be able to work all of those problem areas anywhere, anytime! Buttocks, back of the legs, front of the legs, front of the arms, back of the arms, stomach, back, shoulders. Bodylastics is designed to tone and get your body in shape!

Bodylastics Exercises For Men
Men get that full body work-out you need! Work your Chest, legs, arms, back, shoulders, abs...we've got you covered!! Bodylastics has enough tension to given even the strongest man a INTENSE workout.

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