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This is touted as a "mom-friendly" fitness program, written by LaReine Chabut, the author of Exercise Balls for Dummies and co-author of Stretching for Dummies. It is available on as a paperback book, and as an Amazon Kindle-readable ebook.

The 13 customer reviews that appeared on on September 24, 2008 were all 5-star reviews. This is an important subject, also addressed by Holly Rigsby's ebook "Fit Yummy Mummy." Like Fit Yummy Mummy, Lose Your Baby Fat emphasizes short workouts that boost the metabolism.

Lose That Baby Fat
Excerpts from the book concerning breast feeding:
on Page 35: "... DRINK WATER, WATER, WATER: Keep a water bottle handy and drink frequently. You need additional fluids when breast-feeding and when exercising. ..."
on Page 36: "... and be realistic about how and when the weight will actually come off when breast-feeding. ..."
on Page 37: "... Also, if you are breast-feeding, prenatal vitamins will help to supply the additional nutrients your body needs. 9. ..."

Excerpts relating to calories:
on Page 50: "... come as a surprise to you but you don't need an entire hour to get your daily exercise and burn calories because it's ..."
on Page 52: "... your fat burning zone (between 60 and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate) and get the exact number of calories you're burning during your workout. ..."
on Page 53: "... 75 calories in 10 minutes so you will be burning a total of 150 calories by doing the twice-daily walks (which equals ..."

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