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Holly Rigsby is a certified personal trainer and the mother of a 6 year old. No surprise that it is her experience with pregnancy and after giving birth that was the foundation for her development of this 16-week busy moms lifestyle system.

Her website includes a very well-written, detailed story of how this product came about. It includes several testimonials including before-after pictures of women who have used the system to shed the baby fat and regain their earlier (or better) figures.

This product is delivered as a downloadable ebook, and includes several bonuses that focus on style, lifestyle, and diet/nutrition.

Fit Yummy Mummy Workout

Fit Yummy Mummy

Topics Detailed Inside...

How to do short burst exercise to boost your metabolism
Workout At Home - no expensive machines or gym memberships
No More Long, Boring Cardio that doesnít fit into a busy Momís schedule
Intervals - The True Fat Burning Cardio
The Power of Your Own Body: exercises that sculpt your body better than machines
How to get more physical and mental energy
Sensible Meal Planning Strategies: wholesome, natural food nutrition
Avoidig crash, fad, restrictive celebrity diets
Obtaining Lasting Results: maintaining weight loss and getting support from your friends and family
The best foods to eat for fat burning
The best exercises to do for toning your arms, sculpting your legs and abs, and burning off belly fat
Make Sense of Supplements

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