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From the Creators of Runtastic for iPhone:
Fitnessmeister Pro. Is it Worth It?

Of all of the apps for runners, joggers, walkers, skiers, bikers, etc., Runtastic holds the crown for one of the best app to assist these exercisers. Runtastic Pro was the new kid on the block for running apps, but quickly showed it could compete and beat some of the better apps in Apple's App Store and even the default Nike+ app. With the success of Runtastic Pro, the creators began to spread their branches across other areas of fitness and develop apps for them. Of their new branches, the unique one is Fitnessmeister Pro.

Fitnessmeister Pro is an all-around exercise app, and it does more than focus on just tracking running or similar activities. This app develops schedules and helps users to achieve a more complete level of fitness and exercise. Much like iFitness and other such workout apps, Fitnessmeister Pro focuses on all different forms of exercise and working out. But how does Fitnessmeister Pro compare, and does it do its job well enough for its $5.99 price tag?

To begin with, the best and most worthwhile feature of Fitnessmeister Pro is that it generates a schedule for users depending on what kind of lifestyle they have. The schedule is developed on a few details about the user, the first being their age and gender. After this, you get to choose where you would like to train: at home, at the gym, or in an office setting. Depending on what is chosen, more options are given, including if the schedule should be geared towards bodybuilding, weight management, endurance, or more specific. Also dependent on the choice, the level of experience with exercise can be chosen between beginner or advanced, and the number of days to train in a week can be picked between one and five days. After filling in all of this information, the schedule is generated for an eight-week program with a break-down of each day's exercise.

Other than generate schedules, however, this app really does not to anything impressive or new that has not already been implemented in other apps. The app provides videos to demonstrate how to perform each exercise, but each one needs to be downloaded. There is no written explanation of each exercise like there are in other apps, and it is impossible to just download one or just the necessary videos needed for a schedule. This means that it is required to hit the "download all" button in order to get any videos. This can be annoying, especially if there is not a stable wifi access for users, and this can greatly debilitate the usability of the app since videos make up a majority of its features.

These shortcomings greatly reduce the quality of this Fitnessmeister Pro, which could have been a much greater app considering that Runtastic Pro is truly a useful app. Hopefully this app is improved with updates and made to be as useful as the other Runtastic apps. Currently (March 2011), however, for its price, this app is probably not worth it.

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