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This "fat loss" guide is from Suzanne Gudakunst, a pretty doctor who is apparently convinced that fat is caused by the enormity of disgusting substances present in one's colon.

Her web site is very sensational with pictures and videos of intestinal plaque and nasty parasites. Here is her claim: The plaque and parasites will eventually cause you to be unable to lose weight no matter how much dieting and exercising you do. According to Dr. Gudakunst, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and food companies are part of a conspiracy that all have a vested interest (profit) in having everyone remain fat and unhealthy.

This is a gripping sales pitch with a lot of emotional impact, and with little or nothing in the way of specific scientific or medical references.

Top Secret Fat Loss

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

Is this really a fat loss guide? Perhaps not in the traditional sense; however, this is how it is being promoted, which is why we have it listed here. It wouldn't matter if a user of this product never lost a pound of fat. Seeing the disgusting looking substances shown on the videos would make anyone eager to rid themselves of this intestinal material.

This is an information product which likely suggests some particular colon cleansing product or a recipe for a concoction to clean out the parasites. 

We haven't yet purchased this product for review; however, if someone reading this has actually purchased top secret fat loss secret and used the methods, we would love to hear your experience.
Disclaimer: Any purchase of Top Secret Fat Loss made after following links from this site may lead to a commission for the organization. In no case will any such possibilities cause an increase in price for you, or an insincere recommendation from us. Of course, if you prefer not to visit Top Secret Fat Loss through affiliate links, clear your browser of all cookies, and type directly into your browser to visit the site.

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